Step 3 - Upload your Speech Files to VoxForge

Create Readme file

First you need to create a README file that describes your submission.  Right-click this link and save the file to your 'train' folder.  Modify the entries where appropriate  (To determine your dialect). 

Create License file 

Next, you need to create a LICENSE file for your submission.  Right-click this link and save the file to your 'train' folder.   Change the year to the current year, and the 'name of author' to your name.

Save Your Prompts file

Cut and paste your prompts file to a file called 'prompts' in your 'train' folder.  

Zip your files.

Installing 7-Zip 

Use the following command to download and install 7-zip:

  1. go to
  2. download the latest version of the 7-zip file archiver;
  3. double-click "7zxxx" setup file;
  4. follow the steps in the setup wizard;

Using 7-Zip

Please make sure the following files are in your 'train' folder:
  • your prompts files (note: you may need to copy it from your auto folder);
  • your audio files (preferably in "WAV" or "FLAC" format);
  • your README and LICENSE files.

Next, using your Windows File Explorer, go to the 'train' folder and right click it.   From the right click menu, select '7-zip>Add to archive...'

Name your zip file as follows "[voxforge username]-[year][month][day].zip" (please omit the brackets), and click OK.  Your zip file will be added to the parent directory of your 'train' file.



Upload Your Speech Audio Files

Upload your zip file by clicking the link below.  Please provide a description of your submission, something like this (basically the contents of your README, LICENSE and prompt files copied and pasted to your submission form), then upload your file as an attachment.

Note: the maximum attachment upload size is 150 megabytes (unfortunately, no warning message will display if you have exceeded this amount - your file simply will not upload).