Linux: Download Required Software

Click here for the Windows version of this tutorial 

VoxForge directory

Create VoxForge directory

1.  Open a Linux terminal, create voxforge directory in your home directory

  • from the command line, type:

$mkdir voxforge

  • go into your voxforge directory

$cd voxforge

  • within voxforge, create another folder called 'bin' (bin is a Unix standard name given to the folder containing executable programs)

$mkdir bin

this creates the following folder path:



The Hidden Markov Model Toolkit (HTK) is a portable toolkit for building and manipulating hidden Markov models.  HTK is primarily used for speech recognition.

HTK's licence requires you to register before you can download the toolkit.   The source of the software is available but there are limitations on the distribution of the HTK Toolkit itself.  However, there is no limitation on the distribution of the acoustic models models you create with the toolkit.

Step 1 - Register with HTK 

Step 2 - Download HTK Toolkit and Samples

Create a new directory in your voxforge directory called 'bin', it should have the following path (replace 'username' with the user name you are using on your system):

  • /home/usename/voxforge/bin 

get most current version of HTK source code and htkbook (currently HTK v3.5)

and save them to your new bin directory.


Step 3 - Unpack you source files

Extract the files using:

  • Nautilus (right click each tar/gzipped file and click extract here);


  • use tar from the command line for the following file:
    • tar -xvzf HTK-3.5-beta-2.tar.gz

this should create the following directory in your bin folder:

  • voxforge/bin/htk


Step 4 - Compile & Install HTK

from the HTK README instructions:

Each of the following directories has its own makefile:  HTKLib, HLMLib, HTKTools, HLMTools

run make in each of the above directories in order:

$ make -f MakefileCPU all

next run make install in each directory in order:

$ make -f MakefileCPU install

the HTK tools will be installed in bin.cpu



Step 5 - testing

See testing in the 'Update Your User Path' section.


Julius is a large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) engine.  Julius can be used for command and control and dictation applications.

Julius has no limitations on distribution.  It uses Acoustic Models in HTK format, and Grammar files in its own format.

Step 1 - Download Julius

click the following link: 

  • get current binaries from Julius web site (32-bit binaries compiled with: --with-mictype=oss)


and save it to your '/home/yourusename/voxforge/bin' directory.

(to compile Julius from source


If you get the following error when you run julius:

### read waveform input
Stat: adin_oss: device name = /dev/dsp (application default)
Error: adin_oss: failed to open /dev/dsp
failed to begin input stream

use the VoxForge version of Julius compiled with alsa.


Step 2 - Extract Julius 

Extract the file using:

  • Nautilus (right click the tar/gzipped file and click extract here)


  • use tar from the command line:
    • tar -xvzf julius-4.3.1.tar.gz

this should create a julius-4.3.1 directory in your bin folder.


Step 3 - testing

See testing in the 'Update Your User Path' section. 

Update User Path

To update your user path (which tells your command line where to search for executable files)  you need to add the following directories your user path variable:

  • /home/yourusename/voxforge/bin/htk/bin.cpu
  • /home/yourusename/voxforge/bin/julius-4.3.1-linuxbin/bin

To do this, edit your '.bash_profile' file in your home directory (in Fedora you need to show 'hidden files' in Nautilus - so you can display file names with a period in front of them). You do this by adding the listed paths, separated by a colon (":") to the end of the PATH variable as follows (all one line, no spaces):

$ gedit ~/ .bash_profile

# User specific environment and startup programs

Log out and log back in to make your path change effective (use echo $PATH to confirm that your updates worked correctly).


Testing Your HTK/Julius Install

  • Type in "HVite -V" in a Command Console Window;
if your system lists all the options available to the hvite command, then HTK is installed properly.
  • Type in "julius" in a Command Console Window;
if your system displays version information for Julius, then Julius is installed properly;
  • If you don't see the expected results, review your installation steps for Julius or HTK to determine where you might have made an error.

(using the "$echo $PATH" command can help find errors)


Julia is a scripting language for technical computing.

The VoxForge acoustic model creation toolkit is written in Julia.

Step 1 - Download Linux version of Julia

#yum install julia


Step 2 - testing

  • Type "julia -v" in terminal window to get the version number of your Julia binary

if your system displays version information for Julia , then it is installed properly;


Audacity is a free, easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder.

Use the following command to download and install Audacity (as superuser):

#yum install audacity 

Click here to download Audacity from its web site.


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