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Step 5 - Generating the Transforms

Create Regression Class Tree

1. First, create the regtree.hed edit script in your voxforge/adapt directory:

RN "models"
LS "stats"
RC 32 "rtree" 

2. Next create a new hmm16 directory in your voxforge/adapt folder.

3. Then execute the HTK Tool HHEd to build the regression class tree:

$/htk/htk-3.2.1/HHEd -H macros -H hmmdefs -M hmm16 regtree.hed tiedlist

The new models, together with the regression class tree information, are written to the hmm16 directory:

Perform Static Adaptation

1st pass - global adaptation

1. Execute the HEAdapt command as follows: 

$/htk/htk-3.2.1/HEAdapt -C config -g -S adapt.scp -I adaptPhones.mlf -H hmm16/macros -H hmm16/hmmdefs -K global.tmf -t 250.0 150.0 3000.0 tiedlist

This creates the global.tmfglobal.tmf file in your voxforge directory - which is to be used as input into the second pass.

2nd pass - transform model set

2. Create the hmmAdapt directory

3. Then run HEAdapt once more:

$/htk/htk-3.2.1/HEAdapt -C config -S adapt.scp -I adaptPhones.mlf -H hmm16/macros -H hmm16/hmmdefs -J global.tmf -M hmmAdapt -t 250.0 150.0 3000.0  -j 0.9 -i 10 tiedlist

this creates 2 files in the hmmAdapt directory:


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