Step 2 - Coding the Data

Convert you Wav files to MFC 

1. Create a codetrain.scp script in your 'voxforge/auto' folder containing the following information:


This is an HTK a file containing a list of each audio file you created and the name and location of the MFCC file (special HTK audio format) it will be converted to.  See Step 5 of the Tutorial for further details.

2. Create a new directory called 'mfcc' in your 'voxforge/adapt' folder. 

3. Then execute the HTK HCopy command from your 'voxforge/adapt' directory as follows:

$/htk/htk-3.2.1/HCopy -A -D -T 1 -C wav_config -S codetrain.scp


The result is the creation of a series of mfc files corresponding to the files listed in your codetrain.scp script in the "voxforge/adapt/mfcc" folder.  Be sure to monitor the output of the HCopy command to ensure that all wav files get processed properly.  Most problems are related to file paths or audio files in a non-wav format.