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Speech Recognition Engines

An overview - Help
User: kurianthayil
Date: 1/2/2009 3:00 am
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Hi All,

I am quite new to speech recognition and would like to know more on it. I tried the tutorial provided in Sphinx website But this tutorial is quite advanced (infact too much advanced) for a beginner and hence would appreciate if someone can provide some links/tips on this topics. Thanks in advance.


Kurian Mathew Thayil.

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Re: An overview - Help
User: nsh
Date: 1/2/2009 4:18 am
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Tutorial is not supposed to be introduction in ASR. Start with reading a book first:

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Re: An overview - Help
User: kmaclean
Date: 1/2/2009 9:56 am
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Hi Kurian,

For a general overview, see this link: How Speech Recognition Works 

See also the VoxForge about page and the Acoustic Model Creation page.

To start out, it is best to know a scripting language (Python, Ruby, Perl, ...).  We mostly use Perl here, but once you know one scripting language, it is much easier to decipher the syntax of another.  Go to their web site, and try one of their tutorials (or use Google to find one).  Once you have the basics of a scripting language, it is much easier to do the Sphinx Tutorial or the VoxForge tutorial.

Hope that helps,


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