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silence model not trained and/or recognizable
By Lefteris - 5/14/2015 Hi. I have been trying to create a model for single digit detection, but I kept it at word-level (no phones). What I wanted to do was incorporate the silence model.

How to obtain the 3x3 matrix?
By iamashutoshks - 4/8/2015 - 1 Replies How are we suppose to get the 3x3 matrix for "sp" model.Should we copy the values given in the tutorial or is there any other way of computing it? Please help.

By Olumide - 1/23/2013 - 1 Replies I'm get the following error when trying to create hmm6. Which file do I have to fix?

'sp' phoneme?
By Nitish - 6/28/2012 My label files don't have a 'sp' phoneme. So should I still need to creat a 'sp' phoneme and use HHed to tie it together with 'sil'?

Error in executing HHed
By fkrafi - 5/6/2012 - 1 Replies Can anyone help me?????

About TRANSP matrix
By khanh - 5/31/2011 - 1 Replies I wonder why TRANSP matrix is

By mawahib - 4/16/2011 - 1 Replies HHEd -A -D -T 1 -H hmm4/macros -H hmm4/hmmdefs -M hmm5 sil.hed monophones1

By mawahib - 4/15/2011 - 8 Replies Summarized post: me please
By mawahib - 4/11/2011 - 2 Replies

By mawahib - 4/11/2011 - 1 Replies I will use 6 states, how I will choose the state in the middle of the model?

Error HTK HERest
By Alexandra - 1/27/2011 - 3 Replies Hello,

problem eith step 7....any help?
By Visitor - 3/15/2010 - 3 Replies can anyone solve my problem at step 7????

Reason for not supporting successive Tee models in HERest
By Tom - 3/12/2010 - 1 Replies Do any one know what is the reason for HERest not permitting successive Tee models ? Any pratical or conceptual reason behind that?

phones1.mlf ???
By puphe_88 - 1/1/2010 - 1 Replies what the contains file of phones1.mlf when compile hmm6 , hmm7 ??

help on my error 7321
By abinew A - 11/22/2009 - 1 Replies administrator@home-1c4b4e8ca9 /home/voxforge/manual i face a problem when executing the following command so as to create hmm6/hmmdefs and hmm6/hmmdefs:

error in HERest
By joshuajnoble - 6/6/2009 - 4 Replies I get the following error when I run the HERest command:

Mistake in tutorial
By zvaracik - 5/20/2009 - 1 Replies I try this manual for create grammar recognition engine. But tutorial in this page I found a mistake.

Re: Error [+6510] LOpen: Unable to open label file downsampled.lab
By kmaclean - 3/15/2009 - 3 Replies from this post by kalmanbucy:

By MrNice - 3/9/2009 - 8 Replies Hi,

Errore creating file for hmm6
By Manuel - 9/6/2007 - 3 Replies When I execute: HERest -A -D -T 1 -C config -I phones1.mlf -t 250.0 150.0 3000.0 -S train.scp -H hmm5/macros -H hmm5/hmmdefs -M hmm6 monophones1 It give me this error ERROR [+7332] CreateInsts: Cannot have successive Tee models FATAL ERROR - Terminating program HERest I check all the previous file in hmm5, and they are like the example of the tutorial. Someone can help me? Tks