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phoneme 24
User: bjb
Date: 1/27/2012 10:52 am
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Rating: 15

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Gender: [female];

Age range: [adult];

Language: [EN]; (EN=English;NL=Dutch;DE=German;RU=Russian)

Pronunciation dialect: [Canadian English].


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Microphone type: [external white-box desktop microphone];

Audio card make: [Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 03)];

Audio card type: [integrated]

Audio Recording Software: [Audacity rel 1.3.14-beta (unicode)];

O/S: [Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze].


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vf24-01 I play that choice wide open to win
vf24-02 Each improvement makes the value of everything else pump up
vf24-03 But how are you going to do it
vf24-04 Lots of men take women buggy riding
vf24-05 Daylight made no answer, and the door closed behind him
vf24-06 There's not an iota of truth in it
vf24-07 But ever his gaze returned to that Crouched Venus on the piano
vf24-08 Would you be satisfied with that one hundredth part of me
vf24-09 In such a tumbling of values was no time to sell
vf24-10 Stand off butcher and baker and all the rest
vf24-11 Matthewson, who's this bookkeeper, Rogers
vf24-12 Now just what do you want to know
vf24-13 I want to know how all this is possible
vf24-14 It's that much junk
vf24-15 There was proper division of labor in the work they individually performed
vf24-16 He loved to play Chinese lottery
vf24-17 The Law of Club and Fang
vf24-18 The temperature dropped to fifty below zero and remained there the whole trip
vf24-19 And as never before, he was ready to obey
vf24-20 This state of mind comes of an undue prominence of the ego
vf24-21 There are the canals of China, and the Yangtze River
vf24-22 We threaten to be of the one mind before the voyage is completed
vf24-23 She was built primarily to sail
vf24-24 In the Bohemian Club of San Francisco there are some crack sailors
vf24-25 My age, in years, is twenty two
vf24-26 I forgot how easily I had taught myself from the printed page
vf24-27 Any average young fellow can teach himself in a week
vf24-28 Please do not think that I already know it all
vf24-29 You see, we were teaching ourselves
vf24-30 And now behold the perversity of things
vf24-31 Yield yourself to the waters that are ripping and tearing at you
vf24-32 Mr McVeigh told me about him
vf24-33 Unlike Joshua, he stood in no need of divine assistance
vf24-34 To say the least, Captain Cook was a rather thorough going empiricist
vf24-35 Man could not conquer them
vf24-36 Thought I, and a worthy fool he proved
vf24-37 A scarlet loincloth completed his costume
vf24-38 I like to speculate upon the glorious future of man
vf24-39 Christmas is an easy problem compared with a Polynesian giving-feast
vf24-40 He had peeled off his shirt and was wildly waving it


bjb-20120127.tgz bjb-20120127.tgz
Re: phoneme 24
User: kmaclean
Date: 1/27/2012 11:07 am
Views: 217
Rating: 14

Thank you all for the submissions!


Re: phoneme 24
User: kmaclean
Date: 7/30/2012 8:12 am
Views: 889
Rating: 13

processed audio submission: bjb-20120127.tgz