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phoneme - 23
User: bjb
Date: 1/24/2012 7:48 am
Views: 1627
Rating: 17

Speaker Characteristics:


Gender: female;

Age range: adult;

Language: EN;

Pronunciation dialect: Canadian English.


Recording Information (don't worry if you can't find some of this information):


Microphone make: there is no name on it - whitebox;

Microphone type: desktop mic;

Audio card make: Analog Devices AD1989B;

Audio card type: integrated;

Audio Recording Software: Audacity rel 1.3.12-beta2-beta;

O/S: Debian Squeeze.


File Info: 


File type: FLAC;

Sampling rate: 48kHz;

Sample rate format: 16bit;

Number of channels: 1;

Audio Processing: n.

Copyright (C) 2012  [Brenda J. Butler]
These files are free software; you can redistribute them and/or
modify them under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3
of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
These files are distributed in the hope that they will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
vf23-01 A flying arrow passed between us
vf23-02 I pulled, suddenly, with all my might
vf23-03 Here we allow our solicitors to look after our legal work
vf23-04 His previous wives had never lived long enough to bear him children
vf23-05 It was our river emerging like ourselves from the great swamp
vf23-06 Cameron looked at his hands with their long, sinewy fingers
vf23-07 We got few vegetables and fruits, and became fish eaters
vf23-08 We never made another migration
vf23-09 Nor was Elam Harnish an exception
vf23-10 A little treatment, massage, with some help from the doctor
vf23-11 The twenty ninth very foggy
vf23-12 Dig in; you're sure good, was Daylight's answer
vf23-13 The apron string loomed near and he shied like an unbroken colt
vf23-14 He had been born with this endowment
vf23-15 And this was their sole conversation throughout the meal
vf23-16 Though the aurora still flamed, another day had begun
vf23-17 He did not believe in the burning of daylight for such a luxury
vf23-18 Again he had done the big thing
vf23-19 Daylight was tired, profoundly tired
vf23-20 The regret in his voice was provocative of a second burst of laughter
vf23-21 Instead, he arrived on the night of the second day
vf23-22 Their supply of grub was gone
vf23-23 Crickets began to chirp, and more geese and ducks flew overhead
vf23-24 Not till the twentieth of May did the river break
vf23-25 It was a gigantic inadequacy
vf23-26 Our Mr Howison will call upon you at your hotel
vf23-27 He had been so easy
vf23-28 Change chairs, Daylight commanded
vf23-29 I'd sooner have my chips back
vf23-30 They only had a little thirty thousand dollar fire
vf23-31 His partners had starved and died on the Stewart
vf23-32 As to how she dressed, he had no ideas at all
vf23-33 It does, was her audacious answer
vf23-34 Oh, it's just a novel, a love story
vf23-35 Whoever lived on the ranch did that
vf23-36 How old are you, mother
vf23-37 Here he got a fresh thrill
vf23-38 It was unobtrusive, yet it was there
vf23-39 Well, I'll be plumb gosh darned
vf23-40 These quick little joys of hers were sources of joy to him
(Yes, I'm submitting the phoneme 23 file on the 24th)

bjb-20120124.tgz bjb-20120124.tgz
Re: phoneme - 23
User: kmaclean
Date: 7/29/2012 8:50 pm
Views: 86
Rating: 21

link to processed audio: bjb-20120124.tgz