Request: Your German PC control words
User: Manu
Date: 3/28/2014 7:36 am
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Hello fellow forum members,

I intend to upload some German words who i will use in my PC command-and-control setup for example like "Thunderbird". (As a contrast to the book reading ;-) )

Most of these words are not in the german dictionary or accustic/language model.

I would like you to post your words in German in this thread what you would like to see in the submission. for example for the Gnome desktop or raspberry :-D

Most of these terms from me will be for KDE, like Kwrite and such.I will speak and them and write the prompts file, if you post your requests here.

There are so many use cases i doubt i could come up with all of them...

Over time, we will get a really well useable german model for command and control and your home automatisation :-D

Also a big thanks to guenter who is building the german model at the moment. Does anbody else building it ?

Looking forward to your submissions.

Here is my first: