How to train german accoustic Model with Simon?
User: Binh
Date: 7/15/2013 9:02 am
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I already saw a few post regarding training acoustic Model with Simon.

I wanted to use Ralf Herzogs Dictonary with the current german voxforge Modells but of course a lot of triphones are missing. Since I working for a small film company I got a lot of speech samples on my hand and like to train my own or adapt the existing german acoustic modell.

I tried to use google.
But although some people mention they use simon for the training noone really explains how it works step by step for a small example. (Or maybe I'm just stupid and can't find it in google)

I found some very old descriptions but I'm not sure if all the steps are still necessary. One wants me to install KDE "emerge" for example.

Any pointers would be helpful.