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Real time recognition using sphinx3.x
User: sarvesh
Date: 6/3/2009 8:16 am
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Please share your valuable knowledge regarding live mode recognition using sphinx3.x . myself trying to use livepretend option but not getting success.

Can anyone show me the right way to go ahead.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Real time recognition using sphinx3.x
User: kmaclean
Date: 6/10/2009 12:51 pm
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Hi sarvesh,

With a little bit of Googling, I found these links:

From the first link (Keith Vertanen's site):

Sphinx-3 live cross-platform speech recognition example


Here is an example I developed to test live real-time speech recognition using CMU Sphinx and the PortAudio library. The example works on both Windows and Linux. I've tested it with sphinxbase v0.3 and sphinx3 v0.7, but not with the latest source trees from CMU.

The example is a simple command line program that:
  • Lists the details of all the audio devices found.
  • Plays a sine wave beep.
  • Records 16-bit 16kHz audio.
  • Streams audio to Sphinx-3 decoder, showing intermediate hypotheses.
  • Writes final 1-best recognition to a file (simple.txt).
  • Writes recognition lattice to a file (simple.lat.gz).
  • Saves the raw audio to a file (simple.raw).
  • Plays back the recording.
  • Allows audio input/output devices to be specified via the command line.



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