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New to HTK and need help
User: selizk
Date: 7/22/2009 9:48 am
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I am working on speaker independent isolated word recognition. I implemented a recognition system using hidden markov models on MATLAB. However, my supervisor asks me to do it using HTK as well, since it is the state of the art. I have been trying to learn using HTK Book and other tutorials from google but was not that successful. I have a deadline, and picking up the information I need from a 300 pages of book is not trivial at all:) Thus, I would appreciate any help from this forum. Some of my questions are as below:


1) How do we write the configuration files?

        I have written one for HCopy with .txt extension. I got the 'error 5010: cannot open source file'. I checked the HTKdemo provided, and there configuration files were with extension .dcf. I tried it too but nothing changed.

2)  When I look at the configuration parameters for HCopy, I see that source and target formats are 'HTK'. What is an HTK format and can't we use .wav files as input? Also, what is a source kind?

3) I know that by using HTK we can have features for speech recognition like MFCC. However I would like to obtain my features in a different way. Then I will use discerete HMM, so quantize my data with HQuant. Does HQuant accept my features?

4) I am not familiar with Perl, is it really required for HTK?


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