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Julius-3.5.3 released
User: kmaclean
Date: 1/2/2007 9:24 pm
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From LEE Akinobu (Julius maintainer):

We have just released Julius-3.5.3 in the Japanese site (sorry
for update for English, it will be announced soon in English).  You can
download the latest version from:


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Julius - English site updated to 3.5.3
User: kmaclean
Date: 1/3/2007 7:39 pm
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Change log for Julius 3.5.3:

3.5.3 (2006.12.29)

  o  Improved Performance:
- acoustic computation optimized: now becomes 20%-40% faster!
- optimize memory access: re-use work area of deleted hypothesis
in the 2nd pass.
- some memory allocation improvement on dictionary and word trellis.

o New Grammar Tools:
- "dfa_minimize", "dfa_determinize" will minimize/determinize DFA.
mkdfa.pl now calls dfa_mimize in it.
- "slf2dfa": a toolkit to convert HTK slf to Julian dfa (separate kit)

o Embedding HTK Acoustic Parameters:
- add option to load HTK Config file to set correct acoustic parameter
configuration at recognition time.
- the acoustic parameter configuration can be embedded into
header of a binary HMM file.

o Improved Word Graph:
- add an option to completely separate graph words: words with
different phone contexts can be output separatedly by
"-graphrange -1".

o Support for online energy normalization:
- Preliminary support for live recognition using acoustic model with
energy normalization. (approximate with maximum energy of last input)

o Code refinements:
- re-organize libsent/src/wav2mfcc.
- modularize acoustic parameter (Value) handling.
- output compile-time configuration of libsent with "--setting" option.
- Doxygen 1.5.0 support.
- "[email protected]" becomes the official contact address.
- fixed typo on copyright notice.

o Fixed bugs:
- sometimes unable to read a binary LM on "--enable-words-int".
- memory leaks around option handling, global variables and local buffers.
- segmentation fault on very long input.
- doublely counted initial state of DFA.
- mkdfa.pl: unable to find mkfa on some OS.
- adintool: makes empty output file on termination.
- adintool: miss last inputs when killed.
- other small changes.

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