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CMU-SLM doubt
User: m811
Date: 5/14/2008 9:40 am
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I am trying to create my own laguage model and I have a doubt about the context file. I read at the web site that it is a file containing a list of words within the vocabulary which will serve as context cues. What is the format of the file? Does it have to contain the word's pronunciation or just the word?




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Re: CMU-SLM doubt
User: nsh
Date: 5/15/2008 1:53 am
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I'm not sure what context files are you talking about. Can you explain? It would be nice to give a link on the source of your informtion.

 Also, reading the docs and examples of the package is sometimes more helpful than going through the web

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Re: CMU-SLM doubt
User: ai
Date: 5/21/2008 2:26 pm
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it is just a text file containing the sentence start and sentence end tags. A file with the following two lines work great for me.


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