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Re: Can NIST's sclite be used on windows?
User: benreaves
Date: 11/6/2012 5:48 pm
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Easier (but even uglier) workaround, which I gave to an intern who did some Word Error Rate calculations for me:

  1. On my laptop with Cygwin installed, I create sclite.exe using my
    cp src/*/*.c . ; make all
    workaround from my previous message

  2. I create a zip file containing sclite.exe and cygwin1.dll from my laptop's c:/cygwin/bin/ folder

  3. Email that zip file to her, and she copies both files in a single new folder on her laptop and set PATH=.;%PATH%

This worked just fine on her laptop running Windows 7, and she didn't need Cygwin or any other NIST software on her laptop.


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