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What is G2P?
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Date: 1/1/2010 11:55 am
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G2P refers to grapheme-to-phoneme conversion.  This is the process of using rules to generate a pronunciation for a word (for creating a pronunciation dictionary).  The rules are usually created by a automated statistical analysis of a pronunciation dictionary. 

The G2P algorithm is used to generate the most probable phone list for a word not contained in the pronunciation dictionary (i.e. out-of-vocabulary words) used to create the G2P rules.

From SPEECH and LANGUAGE PROCESSING By  Daniel Jurafsky:

The process of converting a sequence of letters into a sequence of phones is called grapheme-to-phoneme conversion, sometimes shortened g2p. The job of a grapheme-to-phoneme algorithm is thus to convert a letter string like cake into a phone string like [K EY K].

Re: What is G2P?
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Software tools for creating your own pronunciation dictionary (from the CMU Sphinx site):