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How to Connect to VoxForge FTP Site using FireFTP
User: kmaclean
Date: 1/1/2010 10:26 am
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This how-to assumes you already have FireFTP installed in your FireFox browser.  You can download FireFTP from here (note: it requires Firefox 1.5 or greater). 

Using Right-click Menu

  • Right-click the VoxForge FTP link;
  • click "Open Link in FireFTP" in the menu window;
  • Enter the password when prompted (the Login section should fill in automatically);
  • Click "OK".

Connect to VoxForge FTP site from FireFTP

From FireFox:

  • click tools, and
  • then select FireFTP. 

FireFTP should appear in a new tab in your FireFox browser.

Inside the FireFTP tab: 

  • Click "Manage Accounts",
  • then select "QuickConnect".
  • In the Account Manager po-up window, enter the following information where indicated:
    • Host
    • Login
    • Password
  • Click "OK"

Click "Connect" (located next to drop down list of accounts) to make the actual connection to the VoxForge FTP site.