HVITE command
User: sunku
Date: 5/1/2017 1:16 am
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i have used HVite command as this 

HVITE -H macros -H hmmdefs -S test.scp -T 1 -l '*' -i out.mlf -w wdnet -p 0.0 -s 5.0 -w wdnet dict monophones

there were no errors but not even one word is recognized correctly. how can i solve this 

can anyone please help me??

Re: HVITE command
User: colbec
Date: 5/9/2017 3:48 am
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There could be a number of reasons. In no particular order here are some ideas:

The audio you are trying to decode was obtained at a different sample rate than the rate used for the model; the grammar is large but the model was trained on insufficient data; the dictionary contains conflicting uses of phonemes (say you have words with the phoneme "ax" but the prompt audio actually contains a variety of "ae", "ah" and "aa").

If the sample rate is not an issue, reduce your grammar to just a few simple sentences and see if the accuracy rate goes up.