HVite ERROR 7060
User: miramau1
Date: 9/20/2014 9:46 am
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when running the command 

HVite -A -D -T 1 -H hmm15/macros -H hmm15/hmmdefs -C config -S test.scp -l * -i recout.mlf –w wdnet -p 0.0 -s 5.0 dict tiedlist

i get error 7060.

Could you please help me.

Thank you.

Re: HVite ERROR 7060
User: colbec
Date: 9/25/2014 5:11 am
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This is a great page for HTK guidance with regard to errors seen:

It has a number of references to a 7060 error. Might want to check these out first and if not helpful indicate why your situation might be different.