By erica - 4/15/2008 - 4 Replies Hi, I all, I'm not able to use the HDMAN tool. When I try to run the script, I receive a message saying that "bash: -A: command not found". I got the same for all other command. What I missed? Thanks,

Fetching voxforge_lexicon
By colbec - 3/3/2008 From Firefox, right click and save the file locally. If you left click and allow the text to fill your browser window and then cut and paste, this results in failure of the next step with '114 words missing'.

How to create the prompts?
By Shawn - 10/8/2007 - 1 Replies In Step 2, here gives the contents of the file prompts. In this tutorial we can just copy them and create the required file. But if we create a new project, how to create the prompts? Manually or by some HTK command? Now, I create a new project . When I execute the command HDMan, and the file dlog shows that so many phones have ONLY Y one occurence. In the tutorial here gives the tips:"if there

Ticket #121
By Luis Rascao - 12/8/2006 - 1 Replies Just wanted to point out here that there is a problem reported on this step, so people should take notice of this ticket before going any further, or else things are going to break on step #8. Workaround proposed: In your prompts file add '*/' before each sample name (ie. */sample1 ... etc)