wlist monophones1 files
User: tuba
Date: 1/20/2014 12:01 pm
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$ HDMan -A -D -T 1 -m -w wlist -n monophones1 -i -l dlog dict voxforge\lexicon\voxforge_lexicon

C:\cygwin64\HTK\htk-3.3-windows-binary\htk\HDMan.exe -A -D -T 1 -m -w wlist -n monophones1 -i -l dlog dict voxforgelexiconvoxforge_lexicon


No HTK Configuration Parameters Set


Output dictionary dict opened

  ERROR [+5010]  InitSource: Cannot open source file voxforgelexiconvoxforge_lexicon

  ERROR [+1410]  CreateBuffer: Can't open file voxforgelexiconvoxforge_lexicon

 FATAL ERROR - Terminating program C:\cygwin64\HTK\htk-3.3-windows-binary\htk\HDMan.exe




hi,When I try to create wlist and monophones1 files I get the above error will be very happy if you help