Search error
By albert - 2/6/2012 when executing mysample error
By MikeP - 9/17/2011 - 4 Replies When I run on the supplied sample files, I get the following. I'm on Windows XP and logged in as an administrator. The "test path" worked as instructed (except "julian" isn't there; it is "julius" in version 4). I tried dos2unix and unix2dos with no change in the behavior. I installed Julius 4.1.5 instead of 3.5.2.

Bug with
By Ossia - 7/12/2011 - 1 Replies I have made the sample.voca and sample.grammar files:

mkdfa error
By khanh - 5/6/2011 - 1 Replies i have the similar problem. My voca is:

problem converting to julian form
By cvani - 4/5/2011 - 5 Replies hi,

sum to errors
By salaheamean - 3/17/2011 There is an error that must solved:

bug with
By bejimed - 7/23/2010 - 5 Replies

need help
By mmm - 3/12/2010 - 7 Replies hi

'/mkfa' is not recognized
By ahmed - 1/20/2010 - 1 Replies E:\My work\ASR\julius\code\julius-3.5.2-quickstart-windows\bin> sample sample.grammar has 6 rules sample.voca has 6 categories and 23 words --- '/mkfa' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. --- no .dfa or .dict file generated

dfa_minimize not found
By puphe88 - 1/16/2010 - 3 Replies ken,

tab and spaces with the Julian 'generate' tool (just for info)
By occimanete - 11/21/2009 As many of you already may know, given a .grammar and a .voca we can see some examples of utterances the system will be able to recognize, thanks to the generate tool.

By Mathspeedy (Boutch) - 11/13/2009 - 1 Replies Can I use eSpeak to translate words into phonemes?

By Biruke - 11/10/2009 - 6 Replies i followed the steps but it says

check for unrecognized characters
By Visitor - 2/29/2008 check if there were unrecognized chatacters in files "sample.grammar" and "sample.voca" by type "vi *" uder linux.

Lexical mistake
By SWS - 2/1/2008 for Lexical mistake

Windows: "rror: Lexical mistake "
By kmaclean - 6/10/2008 - 5 Replies If you get this error when trying to compile your grammar and voca files: $ sample sample.grammar has 3 rules sample.voca has 6 categories and 18 words --- Now parsing grammar file "rror: Lexical mistake " --- no .dfa or .dict file generated use the Cygwin "dos2unix" command in the same directory as your grammar and voca files, for example: $ cd temp $ ls sample.grammar sample.voca $ dos2unix *.* sample.grammar: done. sample.term: done. sample.voca: done. $ sample sample.grammar has 3 rules sample.voca has 6 categories and 18 words --- Now parsing grammar file Now modifying grammar to minimize states[-1] Now parsing vocabulary file Now making nondeterministic finite automaton[6/6] Now making deterministic finite automaton[6/6] Now making triplet list[6/6] --- generated: sample.dfa sample.term sample.dict $ ls sample.dfa sample.dict sample.grammar sample.term sample.voca Ken

How do I know to use which phone to form a word
By manio - 4/16/2008 - 3 Replies hi, I got the problem about phones.In the first step , I shoud use some phonemes to buildup a word,but how do I know which i shoud use and how to use this phonemes. thanx~

Compiling your Grammar
By rovira74 - 10/20/2007 - 11 Replies Hi, I have not been able to get the expected result after compilation of the grammer file.I do not know what the problem is as I followed the steps carefully. It gives this: sample.grammar has 3 rules

sample.grammar missing
By Chong Tze Yuang - 9/26/2007 - 1 Replies The content of sample.grammar is not included in the tutorial of Step 1 Task Grammar.