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FTP Submissions

This How-to describes the process to upload LibriVox Audio Book submissions to the VoxForge FTP server. 

Step 1: Login to VoxForge

To login to VoxForge anonymously, using these login credentials (enter these on the top right-hand corner of this page):

  • username:
  • password:
(note: both the username and password are case sensitive)
- or -

Register with the VoxForge site (registration allows you to get email notifications of new submissions).

Step 2: Connect to the VoxForge FTP site

Start your favourite FTP client (FTP client How-tos - you need to be logged in to view these).

Then connect to the VoxForge FTP site:

        (Note: You need to be logged in to the VoxForge site for the link to display and to get the current password.)

Step 3: Copy your Audio File

Using your FTP client copy your audio file to the VoxForge FTP site.  If you have the corresponding eText, please copy it also.


1. Depending on the size of you submission, the upload process may take a very long time. 

2. It might be a good idea to segment your audio into files of no more than a few hundred megabytes (a file per chapter should be OK if you are submitting audio books).  That way, if there are problems with the connection, you will not have to start the upload all over again.

Step 4: Submission Notification

Click the 'Add' link below to create a post stating that you submitted an audio book (or chapter) to the VoxForge FTP site and/or to ask questions about the FTP submission process.


Audio Books (LibriVox) Submissions


Subject User Processed? Views Replies Date
Six cups of coffee (various) SkyRider no 1268 0 7/13/2017 @ 7:28 am
Hemmar Bussaɛd Awras no 1336 0 10/14/2016 @ 9:38 pm
untitled Meksem Naravas no 1211 0 8/10/2016 @ 12:30 pm
Extensive Speech Corpus (Natural Language Dictation) Adam Jensen no 1317 0 7/9/2016 @ 3:59 pm
ES_ES FOLDER (Alberto Ochoa) aochoavidaur no 3608 1 6/14/2016 @ 3:49 pm
untitled hstech no 1543 1 2/16/2016 @ 7:07 am
manasi MANASI no 2475 5 2/3/2016 @ 4:11 am
Not a book jpquanti no 1279 0 1/30/2016 @ 3:41 am
untitled MANASI no 1263 1 1/29/2016 @ 9:03 am
untitled MANASI no 1258 1 1/29/2016 @ 5:26 am
Robert Robert no 2577 1 3/28/2015 @ 10:18 am
phconv 1 Genaro no 1815 0 3/11/2015 @ 4:57 pm
Les enfants du Capitaine Grant - Jules Verne Fao10rk no 2203 2 3/11/2015 @ 8:28 am
Les enfants du Capitaine Grant - Jules Verne Fao10rk no 1623 0 3/11/2015 @ 8:27 am
Les enfants du Capitaine Grant - Jules Verne Fao10rk no 1703 0 3/11/2015 @ 8:27 am