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Re: uploading never finishes

Hi Mike,

>Editing the proxy settings in the Java control panel did the trick!

Excellent... thanks for the help on this!

>I still have two zip files from previous sessions that I would like to

>upload manually.  How can I do that?

Just upload them as an attachment in a post to the English Forum on the Listen page (it will accept anything less than 50meg). 

> This web page

>/ftp-submissions is not helpful at all.

Sorry about that... the link is broken and I have to reconstruct the page from backup (I did some house cleaning a while back and deleted the original "container" object that held that page.  WebGUI has a nice feature that will keep a link to an object, even if it is in the trash, with the assumption that you will fix the link before the monthly trash purge runs - after which it is gone forever... ).

thanks again,