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Re: uploading never finishes

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your help on this...

> Even if it was blocking the upload, a null pointer exception does not

>seem like proper applet behavior.

Agree, but I like to try to eliminate all possibilities before digging into the code...

>I am behind a corporate firewall but I don't know how to determine

>whether or not it is blocking the upload.

Are you also using a proxy server?  The VoxForge SpeechSubmission app uses Postlet code on the client and server end... they say that if you are behind a proxy server, you should do this:

For users behind a proxy server, you need to ensure that Java is correctly set up on your machine.

To set the proxy server for your JRE, assuming you're using the SUN JRE, then do the following steps:


Can you get the example application on the postlet site to work (i.e. upload a test file to the postlet server)?