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Re: uploading never finishes

Hi mdeisher,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you... I only got you email today (I've done quite a few upgrades (O/S and CMS) in the past few weeks and it seemed to have caused some problems with SendMail...)

>Suggest that you add a progress meter or some way to confirm that the

>upload is happening.

The Speech submission app actually has a progress meter (the thin rectangle just above ""For more information on Copyright and GPL...") with a moving indicator that tells you how much of the file has uploaded.

>Also suggest you add the capability to save the zip file locally so that

>the recordings are not lost and can be sent it manually.

The files are saved in your /tmp directory... if Java terminated abnormally, it should still be there (sort the files by date ...).

If you can display the Java console (which is an addon to FireFox) please paste the output of another attempt to upload a file with the SpeechSubmission app - just put test-yourusername as the Username and record short clips of silence, click upload.