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Re: recent Java gives empty grey box

Hi V, 

>According to every java testing site I have Java 1.7 properly installed, still I

>see only an empty grey box  on the Troubleshooting page. (And can't find the

>applet in general.)

Please post a copy of the Java console output when you go to the Troubleshooting page (or the Read page).

Which Browser and operating system are you using?

If you are using FireFox, you can get a Java Console add-on by installing one of these:

Is Sun Java 1.7 stable yet? Is it alpha or beta?  I'm a bit confused, the Sun site only lists up to 1.6.5 on the official Java SE Downloads (Latest Release) page.  JDK 7 only shows up on the Java SE Early Access Downloads (Next Release - Early Access) page.