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Re: No sound

Hi Ken,

> there should be a way to assign your USB headset as your default audio I/O.

It looks like Java does not care about GNOME or KDE or ALSA or OSS defaults. Even worse, I don't think Java has a mechanism to assign the defaults at all. It leaves it up to the program.


> he has a submission using the speech submission app, and it shows that he is using a USB headset microphone.

> I am not sure if he disabled any on-board audio or audio cards.

To record in Audacity using a USB microphone I don't need to use any tricks, because I can select the capture device from Audacity's preferences. I was wondering how did he use it with the applet, but apparently he didn't.


> Now that is thinking "outside the box" ...

I have tried it in different ways - doesn't seems to work. Either I have to many hardware capture devices, or something else I don't know. I am giving it up for now.


The USB speakers I have ordered will arrive today. If that does not work I will look into adding the switch to the applet.