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Re: No sound

Hi Sergey,

>One way to solve this problem is to add a combo-box to allow user to choose

>the capture device. But this might be tricky.

I kept the Java Applet as simple as possible, well ... because I was learning Java as I went along ... :)  I'll add this as a feature request.  I am not sure if I'll get it in the next release of the java applet (depends if I can figure it out easily enough). 

At one time, I was looking at adding volume control to the app (which I did not do).  But the long list of TargetDataLines (even though I only have 1 audio card) made it seem too complicated for the average user.  I think I will need to create a separate preferences tab (or a button linked to a window) that would allow advanced users to change the default TargetDataLines, so the average user will not have to worry about it. 

>For now I am going to order a USB speakers and disable the onboard

>sound card. 

I was hoping you would not have to resort to this - there should be a way to assign your USB headset as your default audio I/O.

>Did Robin use only Audacity or also the applet?

Good question ... he has a submission using the speech submission app, and it shows that he is using a USB headset microphone.  I am not sure if he disabled any on-board audio or audio cards.

>Though as an experiment I might try running something that grabs the

>analog microphone and leaves the applet only one remaining

>TargetDataLine - the USB mic.

Now that is thinking "outside the box" ... let me know how you make out - this could be a simple work-around for others who might be having similar problems.