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Re: No sound

Hi Sergey,

>is "Error Consol" is the Java Console?

Sorry, I should have been more specific - you need to install something like:

Open Java Console 1.6

>Might it be related to selecting an incorrect TargetDataLine in java program ?

I don't know ... I thought it just selected the default (the same as JavaSoundDemo.jar)

I just tested it and I can record my voice on the Russian page (though I am using a sound card, not USB).  The Java applet uses the same code for all languages.  I think Robin uses a USB mic for recording prompts (see this thread).  I think the logs might help.

Did you turn off all other audio applications (Audacity, MP3 player, VoIP, Flash ...) while trying to record?  These posts detail some conflicts that might occur: