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Re: No sound

Hi Ken,

I have installed the Java Console add-on, then when I open "Tools>Error Consol" (is "Error Consol" is the Java Console?) and run the applet it shows:

Warning: Unknown property 'test-align'. Declaration dropped.

Source File:

Line: 39


I could not fine "System>Preferences>Volume Control" but I have "Sound & Video> GNOME ALSA Mixer" and there I set the volume of the USB Mixer>Mic to maximum. (If I don't, then recording in Audacity would not work.)


I set System>Preferences>Sounds >Devices>Audio Conferencing>Sound Capture to "USB Audio" then if I click "Test" button, I get the following message.

Failed to construct test pipeline for 'gconfaudiosrc ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink profile=chat'


But the applet and JavaSoundDemo.jar still record silence.


Might it be related to selecting an incorrect TargetDataLine in java program ?