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Re: No sound

Hi Sergey,

>I will narrate an audio book in Russian, break it into sentences and then I will try to figure

>out how to use g2p and sphinx-align to create HTK acoustic model.

I might be easier to just segment your book (manually or with a script), and read/record those segment files ... unless, of course, you were planning to submit your book to LibriVox too.

>David Gelbart's post might be useful too, but the problem is - I don't understand it much.

I don't know the details of it myself, not having tried it, but I think the gist is that you figure which phonemes in English match those in Russian, and essentially modify a Russian pronunciation dictionary to use English phonemes, and use this with an English Acoustic model.  

> I have bought a book Spoken Language Processing and started to read it. So far it looks good to me.

Here are some other titles and links to online couses that might be helpful too.  The best way to learn is to play with the code (Sphinx or HTK) and try things.  Since there is so much theory involved it is easy to get overwhelmed with the details (especially all the formulas ...).