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Re: No sound

Hi Ken,


> Your entry of "#AudioPCI" might be referencing a PCI card ...

I suspected something is wrong with the syntax but couldn't find what it should be.

I guess the only way to find it out is to study the JRE source code. I don't think it's worth it.


>You would need to train g2p models with Russian text,

> and create Russian acoustic models for HTK - sphinx-align might be your best bet here.

I will narrate an audio book in Russian, break it into sentences and then I will try to figure out how to use g2p and sphinx-align to create HTK acoustic model. BTW I have found some Russian audio, Sphinx Acoustic models, and dictionary http://www.voxforge.org/home/downloads so I will not have to start from scratch :-)

David Gelbart's post might be useful too, but the problem is - I don't understand it much.

Probably I would need to get some background information on speech recognition first.

I have bought a book Spoken Language Processing and started to read it. So far it looks good to me.

Is it the best book to start with? Or would you recommend some other book?