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Re: No sound

Hi Sergey,

>I have added the line

>javax.sound.sampled.TargetDataLine=#AudioPCI [plughw:1,0]

>to /etc/java-6-sun/sound.properties but seems to have no effect.

Thanks for trying  :)


A bit more information in case you decide to look into this again:

From this post

Note: With JDK 1.5, it is possible to use a sound.properties file in the JRE\lib directory of your JDK installation. This sound.properties file can be used to specify the default Mixer that will be used when AudioSystem.getLine() is called for the various type of Line. In my case, the sound.properties file contains:

javax.sound.sampled.Port=#Port SB Audigy Audio [C400]
javax.sound.sampled.Sourc#SB Audigy Audio [C400]
javax.sound.sampled.TargetDataLine=#SB Audigy Audio [C400]

The mixer name is placed after the # sign. These are actually the defaults for my machine, so this file is not strictly necessary.

Your entry of "#AudioPCI" might be referencing a PCI card (i.e. your PCI card's mixer) rather than your USB mic.  It might be that we just need to figure the proper syntax for the USB mic designation... though I am not sure how to do this.