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Re: No sound

Hi Ken,

I disabled the onboard sound card and connected USB speakers and USB microphone.

The applet works perfectly.

I have recorded 2 files with a cheap Logitech USB mic.

When I try to use the studio mic "Snowball" I see the same problem in the applet as I see in Audacity: the recorded audio is twice slower and lower in pitch than my voice.

To fix this, Audacity lets you adjust the sampling rate.

I am not the only one who have this problem with Snowball in Linux:



That is sad, because Snowball's sound quality is much better than of any consumer microphones.

I guess Linux will have to fix the bug of incorrect sampling rate detection.

Or we may try to add a manual sampling rate adjustment into the applet like Audacity does.

Or, probably the easiest, record it in Audacity.

I can narrate a book into Audacity and then split it with the Automated Segmentation.

Does the Automated Segmentation works with Russian?