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The Production of Speech Corpora
User: kmaclean
Date: 4/4/2008 8:48 pm
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Cookbook on "The Production of Speech Corpora".  From the preface:

BITS (BAS Infrastructures for Technical Speech Processing) is a 100% publicly funded project to improve the spoken language processing infrastructure for German, with a particular focus on spoken German.

One of the main deliverables of BITS is this cookbook-like document describing the production of speech corpora. In this document, the term speech corpora refers to collections of digital recordings of speech together with annotation, meta data, and documentation. Speech corpora are the prime source of data for basic and applied research in the area of spoken language communication, and for technology development in the area of Spoken Language Processing (SLP), e.g. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text to Speech (TTS) or Speech Synthesis, or Speaker Verification etc.

This cookbook provides prospective users in the scientific community and in engineering with advice on how to produce re-usable, high-quality and consistent speech corpora for their respective needs. Furthermore, it gives an overview of the best practice in this field and presents exemplary role models for some standard cases.

The section on Corpus Specification might be useful for people interested in starting a new language on VoxForge.