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Spontaneous Speech
User: 12074n12
Date: 10/5/2010 8:35 am
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Currently, I am using Julius for my speech recognition project. I have been able to use Julius recognizer, but the result was quite good for grammar-based recognition with a limited vocabulary. I am thinking to expand the recognition to more spontaneous-like-speech, but it still can recognize the keyword.

For example, if I want to ask the robot to "go forward". Currently, what I can do is just saying "go forward". That's it.  If I add some words in the speech, e.g. "please go forward", it won't work anymore.
But for now, I want to make it to still be able to recognize the keyword go forward, even if I say something like, "Can you please go forward".

Do anyone have any suggestion to do something like that?


Thank you

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Re: Spontaneous Speech
User: kmaclean
Date: 10/16/2010 11:12 am
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>recognize the keyword go forward, even if I say something

>like, "Can you please go forward".

You might be able to do this by creating a more complex Grammar - just include all the extraneous words that people might say in a 'garbage' word  category.

Julius also works with statistical language models - see HTK book on how to create one.


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