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Re: For Noisy Input

Hi vishu,

>But now I am concerned about '.wav' file which usually be bit noisy(Input is

>from telephone line). This is making the decrease in performance which is


Are you using an acoustic model that was trained with telephony speech (i.e. 8kHz-8bit rather than 16kHz-16bit audio)?

>what is the necessity of placing grammar and vocabulary files in

>'auto' directory and executing '' script while preparing

>acoustic model?

As described in  the Julius book for rev.3.2::

Language Model

For the task grammar, sentence structures are
written in a BNF style using word categories as
terminating symbols to a grammar file. A voca
file contains the pronunciation (phoneme sequence)
for all words within each category are created.
These files are converted with to a
deterministic finite automaton file (.dfa) and a
dictionary file (.dict)

>How to catch the 'score' of recognition to avoid bad results? some

>times the bad result's score is nearer than score of matching words.

Include non-target-grammar words in your grammar.  See this post for more information:One word grammar, always recognized?


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