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Wrong dictionary file with julius?
User: mscdex
Date: 8/31/2010 7:52 pm
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I've got julius 4.1.5, the latest nightly 8khz acoustic model from this site, and the grammar from here:


I've then tried to run an 8khz wave file through julius using that model and grammar, but I must be using the wrong grammar dictionary file. I get lots of errors like:


Error: voca_load_htkdict: line 3: triphone "*-1+k" or biphone "1+k" not found

Error: voca_load_htkdict: line 3: triphone "1-k+ah" not found

Error: voca_load_htkdict: the line content was: \'cause 1       k ah z

Error: voca_load_htkdict: line 4: triphone "*-1+ah" or biphone "1+ah" not found


The grammar came with 3 .dic files (hdecode, hvite, and sphinx). I've tried the first two (because I'm not using sphinx here) but both result in a ton of errors similar to those above. I had found a thread on the forums here where someone said they used one of the .dic files from the same grammar package I downloaded. What am I doing wrong?


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Re: Wrong dictionary file with julius?
User: kmaclean
Date: 9/9/2010 11:01 pm
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>grammar from here:

I think that the statistical language model from Keith's site has words with triphones/biphones that are not in the VoxForge acoustic model.

You might try re-running step 10 of the acoustic model creation process on the hmmdef files in the hmm10 folder of a dev version of the VoxForge acoustic model:

[   ] XXX_HTK_AcousticModel-2010-09-09_8kHz_16bit_MFCC_O_D_devel.tgz  09-Sep-2010 05:53  40.6M  

using one of the HTK pronunciation dictionary (HDecode or HVite) files from Keith's site.


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