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Phoneme level Recognition
User: Prak
Date: 11/1/2013 2:30 am
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Hi, I am trying to do phoneme level recognition and want to see the accuracy. But I am getting the following error when using HVite

./HVite -A -T 1 -C configfile -w phnet -p 0.0 -s 5 -H hmmdefs -i testoutph.mlf   -w phnet phonelist -S mfcc_list.scp

ERROR [+7060]  InitHMMSet: Expected newline after 1'th HMM
  ERROR [+3228]  Initialise: MakeHMMSet failed
 FATAL ERROR - Terminating program ./HVite

And on doing this,

./HVite -A -T 1 -C temp_config -w phnet -p 0.0 -s 5.0 -H hmm4/hmmdefs -i testoutph.mlf -w phnet phonelist phonelist -S test_mfcc_list.scp

ERROR : No tokens survived to the final node of network

Can anyone please suggest to me what the mistake is ?

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