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Isolated word recognition training with HERest?
User: tfpeach
Date: 2/16/2014 11:31 pm
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Hi, dear guys,

I am pretty new here. Now I am doing a Isolated word recognition system. I have couple of question.

1. What is the difference between HRest and HERest tool? I have googled this, but all the explanaintions are too theoritical. Could anyone provide me an example to explain this?

2. Some one showed me that train the isolated word system with HERest. Is that OK? I also checked that train it with HRest, but it seems that it need do training on each words. I get 11 words here, so that means every time I have to generate 11 sets of files for the training? When I say 11 sets, I mean 11 hmm model files.

I am rookie here. So the question may be stupid, however, I do looking forward to your answer. Thank you.

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