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How to recognise one sentence and then exit
User: Visitor
Date: 3/28/2007 4:31 am
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My purpose of using speach recognition is to recognise one sentence, sending the result to another programfile and then exit.

I would like to call julian using a systemcommand or some equal from a c-file (OS is linux) and then recognise one sentence, which result is sent to the c-file or saved to a textfile I can load from the c-file afterwards. I am a litte unsure about how to do this, and need help.

My surgestion is to generate the grammar and record a voice-file with a matching sentence. Then execute julian from the c-file and make it listen to the voicefile to adjust input. Then it should record voice from a mic and try to recognise input. After this it should send the result or write it to a textfile and then exit..

How can I do this..?

- Grant 

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