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HMMIRest lattice read in problem
User: Nik
Date: 4/25/2013 10:22 am
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I came across a problem using HMMIRest for discriminative training with a large set of training files. The training files are spread over many different sub-directories and partly have identical filenames.
That's why I generated numerator and denominator lattice files that are located in the same directory tree as the training files. The problem is now that I see no way to tell HMMIRest to find these lattice files. The -q and -r options are just useful for single directories with no sub-directory structure and -qp and -rp also do not seem to be suitable (if I understood it right).
Is there any suggestion or solution for this problem? Or is a more sophisticated read in function for the numerator and denominator lattices (not yet) available?

I appreciate every answer or help to this problem.

Kind regards,


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