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Festival lex.lookup
User: colbec
Date: 8/5/2011 10:02 am
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I note that in the output from a request to lex.lookup in Festival that the response for "internet" (as per the example in is

"internet" nil ih n t  er n  eh t

good, but the response for "perfect" is

"perfect" j p er f  ax k t  << note the "j"

Any festival experts know why the "j" and not "nil" as in all the other words I tried? Are there other possibilities that might emerge?

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Re: Festival lex.lookup
User: colbec
Date: 8/5/2011 1:11 pm
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Professor Alan Black was kind enough to clarify this for me.

"Perfect" has a different stress arrangement and may use different phonemes depending on whether it is used as an adjective or a verb.

("perfect" j (((p er) 1) ((f ax k t) 0)))
 ("perfect" v (((p er) 0) ((f eh k t) 1)))

If the same indicators are used as in Wordnet, then we might expect to see n for noun, v for verb, j for adjective and a for adverb.

Where we see "nil" it means that festival does not have the part of speech marked since there is only one entry and the POS clarification is not required.

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