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Julian/Julius recognizes phrases that are not in gramar
User: jeffersoncarvalho
Date: 8/29/2008 11:13 am
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Hi everyone!

 First of all, I would like to show you a simple grammar and vocabulary that we constructed at my University.



It should recognize phrases for "to be" verbs in present tense. The problem is that sometimes a phrase that is not possible to construct by the grammar is recognized.

For example, julian console shows that "pass1_best: <s> ARE YOUNG AT" was recognized. But according to my grammar (I think) this is not possible. The only way to such phrase be recognized is with the following rule:


But this rule doesn't exists in my grammar. The question is: does julian recognizes other phrases that are not in my grammar? Or does it recognize subsets of my grammar too?

Thank you very much.


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Re: Julian/Julius recognizes phrases that are not in gramar
User: nsh
Date: 8/29/2008 4:39 pm
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Well, it's just a hypothesis, not a final recognition result, so it can be missing in grammar, look here:

pass1_best: <s> WHO AM EIGHT
pass1_best_wordseq: 0 8 3 11
pass1_best_phonemeseq: sil | hh uw | ae m | ey t
pass1_best_score: -3343.301025

length: 111 frames (1.11 sec.)
### Recognition: 2nd pass (RL heuristic best-first with DFA)
Warning: IW-triphone for word end "dx-ix+sil" not found, fallback to pseudo {dx-ix}
sentence1: <s> WHO AM I </s>
wseq1: 0 8 3 2 1
phseq1: sil | hh uw | ae m | ay | sil
cmscore1: 1.000 0.983 1.000 0.462 1.000
score1: -3545.739258
9 generated, 9 pushed, 6 nodes popped in 11

The julius did recognized the sentence here and put the result as sentence1. If it can't recognize, it still outputs best match that can be incompatible with grammar of course:

0 sentences have found
got no candidates, output 1st pass result as a final result
sentence1: <s> JORDAN EIGHT

Here "0 sentence found" signals you about that

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