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contradiction whith htk book????
User: imene
Date: 4/29/2009 1:04 am
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you said in this tutorial

"You will be using the global.ded script you created in a previous step, confirm that its contents are as follows:

AS sp
RS cmu
MP sil sil sp



But in htk book it mentioned that the list "fulllist can be generating like that:



This list can be generated, for example, by using HDMan on the entire dictionary (not just the training dictionary), converting it to triphones using the command TC and outputting
a list of the distinct triphones to a file using the option -n :

HDMan -b sp -n fulllist -g global.ded -l flog beep-tri beep.


is the use of the command TC not important in the script global.ded??

Re: contradiction whith htk book????
User: kmaclean
Date: 5/3/2009 7:18 pm
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Hi imene,

>converting it to triphones using the command TC

It's been a while since I looked at this, but I seem to recall that the HTK book was not clear on this point (2+ years ago...), and I had to spend quite a bit of time figuring out how to do this.  

I believe the approach used here was one I found in a non-Cambridge University HTK tutorial somewhere that seemed to work... If you can document the proper approach here, I can update the tutorial.