error when running Julius
User: amza
Date: 1/15/2008 1:24 am
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First of all, I say thanks a lot for your help before. I am really supported by your answers on my questions. Now, I have already trained several Indonesian audio files to get hmm models. Then, I get language model, that is 2-gram language model (ARPA format), by using a tool provided in "".

I use all of those models, acoustic model and language model, with Julius to test some speech. The content of jconf file (julius.jconf) I use is:

-nlr model/grammar
-v dict
-h hmm15/hmmdefs
-hlist tiedlist
-gprune safe     
-input rawfile        # ‰¹º”gŒ`ƒf[ƒ^ƒtƒ@ƒCƒ‹(ƒtƒH[ƒ}ƒbƒgŽ©“®”»•Ê)

            # Œ`Ž®FWAV(16bit) ‚Ü‚½‚Í
            #    RAW(16bit(signed short),mono,big-endian)
            #    16kHzˆÈŠO‚̃tƒ@ƒCƒ‹‚Í -smpFreq ‚Ŏü”g”Žw’è
-filelist listfile.txt    # ”FŽ¯‘Ώۃtƒ@ƒCƒ‹‚̃ŠƒXƒg
-smpFreq 16000        # ƒTƒ“ƒvƒŠƒ“ƒOŽü”g”(Hz)
-smpPeriod 625    # ƒTƒ“ƒvƒŠƒ“ƒOŽüŠú(ns) (= 10000000 / smpFreq)
-demo            # "-progout -quiet" ‚Æ“¯

When I run Julius by typing: "julius -C julius.jconf", there are errors (I show you the whole results) as follows:

$ julius -C julius.jconf
STAT: include config: julius.jconf
STAT: jconf successfully finalized
STAT: *** loading AM00 _default
Stat: init_phmm: Reading in HMM definition
Stat: rdhmmdef: ascii format HMM definition
Stat: rdhmmdef: limit check passed
Stat: check_hmm_restriction: an HMM with several arcs from initial state found:
Stat: rdhmmdef: this HMM requires multipath handling at decoding
Stat: init_phmm: defined HMMs:    23
Stat: init_phmm: logical names:   117 in HMMList
Stat: init_phmm: base phones:    23 used in logical
Stat: init_phmm: finished reading HMM definitions
STAT: making pseudo bi/mono-phone for IW-triphone
Stat: hmm_lookup: 92 pseudo phones are added to logical HMM list
STAT: *** AM00 _default loaded
STAT: *** loading LM00 _default
Stat: init_voca: read 23 words
Stat: init_ngram: reading in ARPA forward n-gram from model/grammar
Stat: ngram_read_arpa: this is 2-gram file
Stat: ngram_read_arpa: reading 1-gram part...
Stat: ngram_read_arpa: read 19 1-gram entries
Stat: ngram_read_arpa: reading 2-gram part...
Stat: ngram_read_arpa: 2-gram read 0 (0%)
Stat: ngram_read_arpa: 2-gram read 32 end
Stat: ngram_compact_context: bigram bowt compaction: 32 -> 0
Error: mymalloc: failed to reallocate 0 bytes

Before that, I have also experienced "Error: ngram_compact_context: 2-gram has no upper 3-gram, but not 0.0 back-off w

Could you help me to solve those two errors? Thanks a lot.



Amalia zahra 

Re: error when running Julius
User: kmaclean
Date: 1/15/2008 7:29 am
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Hi Amilia,

Julius needs both 2-gram and reverse 3-gram Standard ARPA formats. - see Julius book for details.

This post also has information on how to create reverse 3-gram language models.