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Error 8220 While Forced Alignment
User: brsgrlr
Date: 5/30/2014 4:22 am
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When i try to do forced alignment with this command;

./HVite -A -D -T 1 -o SWT -b SENT-END -C comp.cfg -a -H hmm07/macros -H hmm07/hmmdefs -i phone2.mlf -m -t 250.0 -y lab -I word0.mlf -S train.scp -L mfc/ dict.list phone1.list

I get this error:

ERROR [+8220]  LatticeFromLabels: Word sil not defined in dictionary

 FATAL ERROR - Terminating program HVite.exe

I just don't understand it because sil is not a word. It's not listed in my wordlist file. It's only in the dict file as following:

SENT-END        sil

SENT-START      sil

So it's a pronunciation, not a word. And it's included in phone1.list. Anyone has an opinion about this? I have searched hvite LatticeFromLabels 8220 in google and examined all the answers. Nothing worked for me :(