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Phoneme Coverage Prompts- 19
User: CUE6998_2014_19
Date: 10/2/2014 1:52 pm
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Copyright (C) 2014 Xiao Zhu


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Gender: male;

Age range: adult;

Language: EN; 

Pronunciation dialect: General American English.


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Microphone make: n/a;

Microphone type: laptop built-in mic;

Audio card make: unknown;

Audio card type: unknown;

Audio Recording Software: Audacity rel 2.0.6

O/S: OS X 10.9.5


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File type: WAV;

Sampling rate: 48kHz;

Sample rate format: 16bit;

Number of channels: 1;

Audio Processing: n 



vf19-01 It was beating and waiting in the ambush of those black pits

vf19-02 Something vastly more thrilling had come into it now

vf19-03 It took him half an hour to reach the edge of it

vf19-04 But there was no longer the mother yearning in his heart

vf19-05 Besides, had he not whipped the big owl in the forest

vf19-06 After all, it was simply a mistake in judgment

vf19-07 Had it struck squarely it would have killed him

vf19-08 The Indian even poked his stick into the thick ground spruce

vf19-09 Pebbles and dirt flew along with hair and fur

vf19-10 And he was filled with a strange and foreboding fear

vf19-11 It was steel, a fisher trap

vf19-12 OW, a wild dog, he growled

vf19-13 He was a pariah; a wanderer without a friend or a home

vf19-14 That is the strange part of it

vf19-15 His freshly caught furs he flung to the floor

vf19-16 For that reason Le Beau had chosen him to fight the big fight

vf19-17 In the crib the baby sat up and began to prattle

vf19-18 She obeyed, shrinking back with the baby in her arms

vf19-19 His teeth shut with a last click

vf19-20 It was over when he made his way through the ring of spectators

vf19-21 In a flash he was on his feet, facing him

vf19-22 He thought he saw a shudder pass through the Factor's shoulders

vf19-23 The moon had already begun its westward decline

vf19-24 They laughed like two happy children

vf19-25 He pulled, and the log crashed down to break his back

vf19-26 Fast, but endure

vf19-27 A little before dawn of the day following, the fire relief came

vf19-28 The Indian felt the worship of her warm in his heart

vf19-29 He drew in a deep breath as he looked at them

vf19-30 Then he shouted, Shut up

vf19-31 He changed his seat for a steamer reclining chair

vf19-32 On the far corner of the compound fence a hawk brooded

vf19-33 To these he gave castor oil

vf19-34 Hatred and murder and lust for revenge they possessed to overflowing

vf19-35 Sheldon glanced at the thermometer

vf19-36 I'll see to poor Hughie

vf19-37 Her gray eyes were flashing, and her lips were quivering

vf19-38 Also, I want information

vf19-39 Let them go out and eat with my boys

vf19-40 I, I beg pardon, he drawled

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