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Phoneme Coverage Prompts- 05
User: CUE6998_2014_05
Date: 10/8/2014 12:01 pm
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Copyright (C) 2014  Bahar Kh

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Gender: female;

Age range: youth;

Language: EN; 

Pronunciation dialect: General American English.


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Microphone type: unknown;

Audio card make: unknown;

Audio card type: unknown

Audio Recording Software: Audacity rel 2.0.6;

O/S: OSx.


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File type: WAV;

Sampling rate: 48kHz;

Sample rate format: 16bit;

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vf5-01 Take away their foreman and they wouldn't be worth their grub 

vf5-02 That's the sub-foreman, explained Thorpe 

vf5-03 Philip made no effort to follow 

vf5-04 He came first a year ago, and revealed himself to Jeanne 

vf5-05 They are to attack your camp tomorrow night 

vf5-06 Two days ago Jeanne learned where her father's men were hiding 

vf5-07 I was near the cabin, and saw you 

vf5-08 Low bush whipped him in the face and left no sting 

vf5-09 Suddenly Jeanne stopped for an instant 

vf5-10 There was none of the joy of meeting in his face 

vf5-11 And when you come back in a few days, bring Eileen 

vf5-12 Gregson had left the outer door slightly ajar 

vf5-13 The date was nearly eighteen years old 

vf5-14 They were the presage of storm 

vf5-15 Down there the earth was already swelling with life 

vf5-16 For the first time in his life he was yearning for a scrap 

vf5-17 She had been thoroughly and efficiently mauled 

vf5-18 Every bone in her aged body seemed broken or dislocated 

vf5-19 Tomorrow I'm going after that bear, he said 

vf5-20 If not, let's say our prayers and go to bed

vf5-21 So cheer up, and give us your paw 

vf5-22 This time he did not yap for mercy 

vf5-23 And the air was growing chilly 

vf5-24 Don't you see, I'm chewing this thing in two 

vf5-25 The questions may have come vaguely in his mind 

vf5-26 Like a flash he launched himself into the feathered mass of the owl 

vf5-27 Ahead of them they saw a glimmer of sunshine 

vf5-28 Two gigantic owls were tearing at the carcass 

vf5-29 The big-eyed, clucking moose-birds were most annoying 

vf5-30 Next to them the Canada jays were most persistent 

vf5-31 For a time the exciting thrill of his adventure was gone 

vf5-32 He did not rush in 

vf5-33 It was edged with ice 

vf5-34 He drank of the water cautiously 

vf5-35 But a strange thing happened 

vf5-36 He began to follow the footprints of the dog 

vf5-37 Such a dog the wise driver kills, or turns loose 

vf5-38 Sometimes her dreams were filled with visions 

vf5-39 Thus had the raw wilderness prepared him for this day 

vf5-40 He leapt again, and the club caught him once more  

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